View Full Version : WarCraft III version 1.05

01.02.2003, 00:59
releases a new Cd protection program of some sort??
did they put in a new program like StarForce or something

01.02.2003, 02:55
The new Warcraft 3 seems to be using secrurom v 4 or something like that.. all I can figure out so far is it has a similar protection as unreal 2003.

03.02.2003, 17:32
i've no problems starting it with a normal ccd-image
->not very similar to ut2003

08.02.2003, 16:26
Original WCIII cds weren't recorded on special media used for new games with securom 4.8x so update of protection can't use same protection techniques as new games with that version #. WCIII original cds wouldn't run if it did.

What's used on WCIII update is a weakened version so back-up copies will still work after update.

23.02.2003, 12:44
i JUST got a rude awakening today when i connected to b.net :shock: virtual cd which i'd been using stopped working on War3, which i Virtual CD'd after the umpteenth time of leaving the CD at home... thankfully i found that virtual crack pretty quickly... but this shit pisses me off about copy protection... and this is the first time i've really gotten angry about this kind of thing (usually i just shrug and whip out the crack, but this time i didn't have it and wasn't sure i could find it)

BTW, i use Virtual CD.. and just this once on this ONE game War3 cuz i have little space, not to mention my CDRW sucks at copying copy protections (yammy) and Daemon Tools BSODs WinXP faster than a geek to an electronic toy =(