View Full Version : WindowsXp 64-bit workaround (requires second computer)

12.05.2005, 20:33
Operating System: WindowsXP 64-bit professional (retail)
Burning Software: Nero suite
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

If you're like me, and installed the latest bleeding edge operating system, you're in the same boat I am.

I couldn't install any of my games/software from their ISO's because Daemon-tools wont work under XP64, luckily I found a workaround, it's a pain in the ass to say the least, but you can finally install all of your ISO's with daemon-tools on XP64.

You need:
Two networked computers (pretty common these days)
One computer running 32-bit windows.

Install and run Daemon-tools on your second 32-bit computer, and share your daemon virtual drive along with your hard drive with read/write access.

On XP-64, in my computer, go to tools ==> map network drive.
Mount your daemon tools drive from the other computer "//computername/drivename", along with your hard drive/s.

The end product should look something like this:

Now, you just need to send your .iso file to the second computer, mount it from there (or with remote-desktop), and you should have a fully working mounted .iso in XP64, with daemon-tools emulation and all. :D

Now, I'm fully aware that this is a huge pain in the ass, but until a version of Daemon-tools for 64-bit XP/2003 comes out, this is the only method I can think of that will give you a fully working virtual drive in XP64, including the ability to emulate disc protection etc.

Hope this helps.

12.05.2005, 23:15
Operating System: Windows XP Pro x64 Edition
Burning Software: Nero Burning ROM 6
Anti-virus Software: Norton Anitvirus Corporate 10
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Keep in mind this only works *sometimes* I did this a long time ago with some game CDs and got errors along the lines that the CD does no exist in the drive... which I already knew...

CD Protections nowadays are more advanced.