View Full Version : Win XP Pro not displaying Virtual Drives in "My Compute

01.02.2003, 19:20
It installed all the drivers and controllers correctly, and i activated 4 drives. But i don't see them in the list when i goto "My Computer" I check my device manager, and they are working correctly. I was wondering, since in the tray icon, the devices themselves, are listed like.. " Device 0 [ ]" but when i goto device parameters, and try to set a drive letter to it, nothing applies.

02.02.2003, 19:44
I once had this problem. When I reinstalled d-tools, it fixed it.

03.02.2003, 07:48
i've tried reinstalling d-tools ( 2 versions, 3.29 and 3.26 ) both giving me the same result; invisible virtual drives with images mounted, just waiting for me to access, except that i can't see them. :x

03.02.2003, 08:22
Enable all four drives, then disable them. If no help, enable them all, goto device manager, and remove all four. Also, try removing the scsi adapter. Sometimes it could be that windows is 'sticky' about the drives, and removing them sometimes helps (at least I have found this).

04.02.2003, 23:51
I tried removing them (the 4 drivers) in device manager, rebooted, and it worked. Thanks for your help and time. --- Scratch that, i rebooted and windows added the drivers again, automatically. What should i do now? :x