View Full Version : Daemon Tools won't launch

14.05.2005, 10:37
I've downloaded and installed this program but it fails to launch either from the desktop shortcut icon or the exe. file in C:\ Program Files. I understand it is supposed to start a taskbar icon, but that isn't present either.

I've tried re-downloading and re-running the set up, but with the same result - or not, as the case may be !

I'm running Win XP Pro.

Sorry, I'm new to this. There is probably a simple answer, but I would appreciate some help. I've looked on the forum for a previous thread, but can't find anything. I'm wondering if there is a conflict with something like ECDC.


30.05.2005, 01:31
I'm having the same problem and don't have an answer. Hoipe someone help's us out.

30.05.2005, 01:31
Sorry I double posted this.

30.05.2005, 18:47
This does definetly need more information on system'n stuff from your side and would be better off in SUPPORT, not Copy Discussion.

31.05.2005, 13:13
This (...) would be better off in SUPPORT, not Copy Discussion.Yup...