View Full Version : Can't rename virtual drive

Dave H
16.05.2005, 19:30
Operating System: XP Home
Burning Software: Roxio Easy CD creator 6
Anti-virus Software: Kasperski
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I am new to this so sorry if its obvious.

I have created an ISO image of a CD that is needed to run a programe. I have mounted the image onto the virtual drive but it has the wrong name & the programe asks for the disc with the correct name to be inserted.

In the help file it says that "Change the name of the virtual drives in DAEMON Manager" I cant seethis option.

I think it may be that the image is not a true 1:1 & the burning software may not be capable. The original disc doesnt have any copy protection.

Hope theres a simple answer to this problem


16.05.2005, 20:17
Renaming the virtual device won't help you then. You've to re-create the image in appropriate image format from your original. What is it btw?

Dave H
17.05.2005, 18:57
Is this what is meant by a 1:1 image. How can I tell which format to use?

the disc is a Technical info CD (TIS) for a well known car manufacurer. It needs the disc to run which is a pain. Do you know how to rename the virtual drive so that I can try it.

Thanks for your help.