View Full Version : How much overhead does it add to have 4 vs 1 virtual drives?

02.02.2003, 02:46
I am running WinXP-Home SP1 integrated, clean install, with Daemon-Tools v3.29. I set up 4 virtual drives, as follows:
1) Bookshelf 98 CD (drive V: )
2) Windows XP CD (drive W: )
3) Office CD (drive X: )
4) Publisher CD (drive Y: )

I like to keep Bookshelf mounted all the time, as it requires the CD to run. I did a default install of Windows, Office, Publisher so those CDs will only be required if I go to use a new feature.

QUESTION: Would I be better off (resource wise) to do all of this using one virtual drive? How much overhead does it take to have 4 vs 1 virtual drives?

I read the manual, and did a search of this board and did not find any discussion regarding resource usage.

This is an older Thinkpad laptop with limited resources (a Pentium II 266MHz 288MB RAM);
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and I could easily manage with one/two vitual drives if this is advised.

I think Daemon-Tools is wonderful. I would appreciate some guidance on the best way to use the program on a computer with limited resources.

Thank you for your time and efforts,

03.02.2003, 20:32
Each virtual drive eats around 500K kernel memory. If you don't use them all often then it is definitely no use to keep them all enabled. Depends on other applications you use and their memory requirements.

04.02.2003, 22:19
Thank you, I've now cut back to two virtual drives, that's plenty. Could even cut back to just one, but with two I can leave the 2nd pointing to one Windows/Office/Publisher - and still have bookshelf mounted on #1.