View Full Version : And another question 'bout new version

19.05.2005, 11:35
Nope, not what you think :) just a simple and probably silly question - will it be possible to run older versions together with the new one?

20.05.2005, 18:56
this is a good question, and we already discussed about it internally.
We're not sure atm, it IS possible from a technical site, but we don't see
the benefit here. Do you think that should be possible, and if yes, why?

21.05.2005, 11:45
I also don't see any use for it.

23.05.2005, 12:44
Hm, i wouldn't exactly like to change a truckload of scripts. but apart from that - that's the most sincere reason i can think of ATM. Assuming new version has full functionality of the older ones. of course.