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20.05.2005, 11:13
I've written a small script to make the changes for the "deny" method for Securom copy protection (script uses SubInACL.exe). Try it out and tell me if there are any problems or if there is anything i need to add. It accounts for changes in SCSI port number, so don't worry about that.
Click here to download. (http://www.wtfstfu.net/archive/securomfixv1.0.zip)

I initially wrote this for Megaman X8 (Securom 7), but then I saw the method for Securom 5 in the forums and incorporated that. Again, if there's anything I'm missing, please let me know.

Also, in the Securom 5 thread:

It looks as if someone just searched through the registry and denied all appearing instances of Daemon-tools. I don't think that all of these denials are necessary. If anyone's up to it, play around with the different denies listed in that thread and tell me if any of them are unnecessary :). People have reported problems when all of the denies are in use:

20.05.2005, 21:09
Small update here, made an actual GUI for it.
Click here to download. (http://www.wtfstfu.net/archive/securomfixv1.1.zip)

One small bugfix included.
No functional changes in terms of what it does.

28.05.2005, 16:24
ok can you possibly explain this program a little more? :)
What else does it require, and can it change only 1 port? cause i only need to change the deny on port 2. nothing else. other stuff starts causing problems with device manager and etc etc. i want that 1 single file to be on deny. im just weary of using this and having it change more stuff than needed and not being able to find out what and revert. any more info would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

07.06.2005, 02:45
In the Securom 5 thread that I had referenced to earlier, people were talking about how blocking the port wasn't enough. I incorporated all of the denies that were in that thread. I haven't spent too much time on this program (quick little script to get Megaman X8 playable for friends). If you click on the Information button, you'll see a list of all of the keys that are denied. Try playing around to determine which set of denies works best for you (and which Securom version you're trying to bypass), and give me that info. I'll try and incorporate it into the program.

I don't know if the Device Manager problem is avoidable (I've experienced it too). Try finding the best combination of denies that has the smallest number of side effects.

As for how the program functions, it just uses SubInACL.exe to put Administrator and SYSTEM denies on all of the keys listen in Information.

Revert All will grant Full Access to both Administrator and SYSTEM for all of the keys.

For other people: If the program you are trying to run complains about copy protection emulation, this might be the fix you want.

11.06.2005, 13:52
or you can use this tool (for Securom 5 and 7)

16.08.2005, 17:18
What tool are you talking about ? I can't read German & my transalator doesn't work so well. Boiling Point is giving me trouble too.


Edit : I just found this, is it new ?!?!
[11:50:06 AM] SecuROM detected -> E:\Program Files\Atari\BOILING POINT\Xenus.exe

16.08.2005, 17:57
Topic was moved, so the link doesn't work anymore; try that one (http://get.copybase.ch/129)

16.08.2005, 17:59
Thanks, I got it. I'll try this now.

When I mount the mds it wants to uninstall Boiling Point, I can it and run the game & still get No Cd . This is the first one out of hundreds I can not
run. It has the 2.0 update with Securom

17.08.2005, 19:01
"No Cd" is different than getting a message to goto

Which is it?