View Full Version : Unable to mount file

23.05.2005, 01:48
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: Sonic Record Now, Blindwrite5
Anti-virus Software: Norton antivirus 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Im trying to mount a BWT file for a game. Its the second cd which is the play disc, When i try to mount i get an error messege: "unable to mount image. file unaccessable" The first disc which is install disc is .cue just to let u kno. i would appreciate any help or ideas. Thanks

23.05.2005, 03:28
how did you created the images and why did you used BlindWrite only for the second disc?

23.05.2005, 03:39
my brother did it for me cuz i wanted a backup for game incase something happened to the disk. i have no idea why he did it but hes out of the country now so i cant reach him. i have no idea what to do besides trying to mount them on Daemon tools.

23.05.2005, 23:27
ok, what is the game's name? That would help us alot (so we need which
protection is used)

24.05.2005, 00:19
Stronghold 2