View Full Version : Warcraft 3 - troubles loading since 1.05 patch

03.02.2003, 11:10
Win2K Pro, SP3, DT 3.29

Have to try several times before succesfull loading of warcraft 3 since the 1.05 patch.
from what i've heard i'm not the only one to have the error. i hope you guys are looking into it.
thx alot~~

04.02.2003, 09:52
Yeah. Both my computers have Daemon Tools installed, and ever since the Warcraft III 1.05 patch, it says the CD is not in the drive. I have to hit retry about 3 or 4 times before the game actually loads.

It's a minor problem, but certainly an annoying one.

04.02.2003, 11:10
We are looking into this apparently rather odd blacklisting... Check back occasionally for a new version/solution to the prob.

07.03.2003, 02:49
Any news on this issue as of late?

07.03.2003, 02:58
of course, this will be fixed with the next version of DT, which will be available soon.

07.03.2003, 14:38
Yay :D

15.06.2003, 20:33
this thread looks old, and it's supposedly fixed. however, i am still having this problem where the game works once and then after i update, then reboot my computer, daemon cannot read the image file. I can click retry 20 or more times and it still wouldn't load.

25.06.2003, 23:00
A temporary solution to this problem is to unmount the image and mount it again ..

Also securom emulation has to be on ..

02.07.2003, 13:42
It may have been re-blacklisted when 1.10 and the Frozen Throne was released. I have not been able to successfully load Frozen Throne from a CCD image, even after clicking 20 times and trying all available emulation options.

Using Windows 2000 Professional
Latest version of Daemon Tools (333?)
Created the CCD with CloneCD Version
Not using EasyCD Creator or any CDload autostart tray.

02.07.2003, 14:28
You must create image with alcohol 120 and securom 4.8x new. Read dpm at 1x.

02.07.2003, 21:55
Thank you!

Where can we get this program?

02.07.2003, 22:25

03.07.2003, 13:50
Excellent! It works!

Thank you. :) Consider me a registered user!