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26.05.2005, 17:01
Operating System: Windows ME
Burning Software: Easy CD Creator 4, CDR Tools front end 1.2(final), Visual ISO 1.0(final)
Anti-virus Software: AVG Free 7.0.322 (also using Zone Alarm
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Additional Computer Info
CPU:AMD k6-3 450
CDR:Phillips CDD 2600(SCSI)
Cd-Rom:Memorex CD-322E(EIDE)
HDD's:Maxtor 3GB Western Digital 8GB(both EIDE)
SCSI Controller:Adaptec AHA-2940UW (PCI)
MoBo:Tyan Trinity 100AT
Video:Nvidia Gf2 MX 32mb (PCI)
USB Controller: VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
Sound: Creative SB Live! Value
HDD Controller: VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller

As I stated in the Subject Ive done all the things suggested in the posts for errors of the device setup error code 25057(0x61e1),2(0x2) contact support personel nature cant find the boot.ini file anywhere (and yes Ive set explorer to show system and hidden files) and I searched for problems with SCSI drives and only found info about the Virtual SCSI controller. Does already having a SCSI CD Burner conflict with DTools installation because it trys to create a Virtual SCSI controller? Should I try and Install a earlier version of D-Tools (Since I HAVE to use EZ CD Creator 4 because the newer versions of EZCD Creator/Nero/Roxio software does not support the Phillips CDD-2600) and live with that to emulate?

Thanks in Advance :mrgreen:

26.05.2005, 18:09
Windows ME doesn't have boot.ini, only the NT-series do.

27.05.2005, 02:10
Well thats one less item for me to fret over but it still doesnt solve my problem, but thanks anyways