View Full Version : Unsolved daemon.msi request for "new" installation

03.02.2003, 13:11
Hello there,

I have the in "Common Problems and Solutions" mentioned problem with the daemon.msi request upon installing daemon-tools on XP-SP1. However I am reinstalling, not upgrading, repairing or uninstalling. I had daemon-tools installed on my machine a while ago, though.

I tried installing v3.29 and 3.26 using 3.26s to 3.16s daemon.msi upon request - but to no avail.

The version number in the earlier mentioned reg-key is: 0x03020000

If you have an appropriate daemon.msi, please mail it to latek@gmx.de

Helpful ideas welcome.

Thanks a lot,

03.02.2003, 14:21
You need 3.02: http://web1.athen215.server4free.de/daemonmsi/daemon302/daemon.msi

03.02.2003, 14:41
That helped!

Thank you for the help and the fast reply.