View Full Version : StarForce 3.0 Please !

04.02.2003, 09:23
How it crack?
All Virtulas CD Program no work with tjis Protection!

04.02.2003, 11:11
afaik, D-tools can work with this protection. You have to make your image with alcohol 120% or gamjack. You must used mds information in alcohol (don't know what it is called in ********). Then you can play your image...

If you want to make a backup, you can burn with RMPS in alcohol and enable RMPS emulation in d-tools.

What game specifically doesn't work?

04.02.2003, 12:24
Alcohol 120% may crack only StarForce 1.0/2.0
******** may crack StarForce 1.0/2.0 too!

The Game Name - "American Conquest" Russia Version
With Protection StarForce 3.0

English Version have protection SafeDisk 2.0 =>
NOCD Patch for English and German Version no work!

English Version i don't see in our game-shops

08.02.2003, 02:05
english version is securom.

06.03.2003, 06:52
I seem to have the same problem with starforce 3.0.
I created an image of the game I wanted to play. But when I use Daemon tools to mount it, starforce says I have to put it into another drive.
A friend of mine said I have to disconnect my CD-rom drive, that is, I have to pull out the IDE cable connected to my CD-ROM.
But I tried and it didn't work, I also tried to disable my CD-ROM through systems, but still didn't work.

06.03.2003, 07:01
What's the name of the game? How did you create the image?

07.03.2003, 16:37
yes, gamejak and alcohol do not support this protection officially.
But alcohol can make a working image.
Then mount it on alcohol o d-tools virtual drive
Starforce will ask you to put the cd in another drive (because the virtual drive is SCSI). Then you have to disable/unistall all the IDE drives like CD/DVD-ROM and/or CD-R/RW and/or DVD-R/RW/+R/+RW. Then it will work