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28.05.2005, 20:07
I was wondering how long it usually takes for the registration information for Daemon Tools to come through.


28.05.2005, 20:41
Orders are handled by share*it, their FAQ covers delivery times and the likes.

When will I recieve my product?

Product delivery depends on the payment option you chose, and who actually fulfills your order:
You paid by credit card / debit card, wire transfer during the online order process, or placed a purchase order:

If share-it! delivers the product, it will be delivered immediately with your order confirmation.
If the software publisher delivers their product directly to you, they are notified immediately of your order, and the product will be delivered within 48 hours of your order.

If you selected a different payment option, delivery will be effected as described above following receipt of payment. We will confirm receipt of payment by e-mail.

Hope this helps... If not, you might want to check share*it's Customer Care Center (http://www.shareit.com/ccc/index.html).


28.05.2005, 21:07
Yeah, the reply from ShareIT actually said "Within 48 hours", but when I've ordered things in the past, they usually happen almost instantly, or within an hour of the order.

I guess the Daemon Tools ordering is just a little different. :)

29.05.2005, 10:50
the problem was that you registered under a different email-adress here,
as the one you ordered Daemon Tools. In such cases, we first request
for a confirmation that you are indeed owner of the nickname you entered
in the order-process. In case you've further questions, please use the mail-
adress you received from our customer-support!