View Full Version : Virtual drive thinks nothing is there

04.02.2003, 19:01
I mounted an image after installing DT for teh first time, everything went well.
But after I restarted my PC, I couldn't get my mounted images to work anymore (all of them which worked before).
My 2 virtual drives (g and h) say I have to put a cd in the drive, but when I right click on the drives, properties > there's this 'ahead nero' tab which says there is data in the drive (iso, how much Mb).

If I restart my pc, I'm forced to uninstall and re-install DTools again to make it work :(

You guys know what's going on?

I'm using:
Win XP home
Nero burning rom

Thanks in advance

04.02.2003, 22:26
Hm, sounds like a problem with windows itself. Are you able to make an image off the virtual drive using something like alcohol 120 or clonecd?

When you say it asks to insert a cd, do you mean windows asks you or some game?