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30.05.2005, 13:54
Hi just wanted to voice my opinion on the screen shots of the new deamon tools pro.

Now don't get me wrong I think you guys have done some brilliant work on all the previous versions of deamon tools and I think that it's the best virtual drive tool around but seriously those icons on the screen shot for the new version look so cheesy.

Now I know that none of you have any reason to listen to what I say and most of you probably won't either. Also please be aware that I am not saying this to offend anybody it is just my personal veiw.

Please don't flame me for this I am just trying to give some constructive critisism :| .

30.05.2005, 17:03
of course we take such comments serious - and for sure we NOT flame you
for your critics. We are no fools, we WANT feedback! And rest assured:
after first release, we are eagerly await feedback and we will work hard
on it to make it the best program in its class.

So, go on: what exactly do you dislike on the icons, and what would you change?

What do you like on the new gui from optical view and what not?

30.05.2005, 19:14
Well, why don't you just ease things up and make (at least?) the icons skinnable? If CCD or Powerarchiver can do that, then i bet you can too :)

30.05.2005, 19:23
Phew, it's just that some people don't take too kindly to critisism even if it's meant in a good way.

Anyway it's mainly the deamon face icons that I think are cheesy. I always liked the old deamon tools icon, the one that sits in the system tray with the little lightning strike in the middle. And I think that if something's not broken then why fix it.

I also thought the read disc icon looked a bit dodgy although I can't really work out what it is meant to be.

Apart from that I think everything else looks great. It looks well set out and user friendly and to be honest I can't really think of anything else that I would want from a virtual drive GUI :)

31.05.2005, 02:53
I have to agree with kel here.
The green face just looks a bit silly.
I think the silver circle with blue lightning through it looks nicer (same as this sites favicon).
Very simple and classy.
I also agree that the read disc to image icon makes no sense. Can anyone tell me what it is supposed to be?

31.05.2005, 08:19
Well, I think it's a hand icon, and reading some data off a cd and then writing it to a hard disk is called grabbing, so it's supposed to be a hand grabbing a cd! :D

Right? :lol:


(I think a hard disk icon over a cd and an arrow pointing to the hdd would be more logical...))

31.05.2005, 08:50
Oh yeah, I see it now you're right it is a hand.

Although if thats the case then I think that maybe it could have had a bit more time spent on drawing it.

I now this may sound a bit shallow and yes I have heard the saying "you can't judge a book by it's cover" but when I look around on the internet for new software the first thing I look for are screen shots and if they dont look like enough time has been spent on the graphics of the GUI then I asume the same about the program itself. Maybe a lot of other people do the same, I don't know but I think that software dev's would probably get a lot more interest in thier products if they made thier GUI's look as good as they can.

31.05.2005, 11:16
well, you're right about that, but as you already mentioned that you like our
GUI (except some icons ;) ) I take it as a compliment. Of course we
will rethink about some of the used icons. About your opinion:
although I must admit that it's sometimes the case that bad GUI also
means bad software, I can assure you I saw software with bad interface,
ugly graphics - but great usability and functionality.

The same could be said about some games:

I saw many with fantastic graphics, but only a few managed to impress me
more than 1 hour ;) and vice versa!

31.05.2005, 15:30
I suppose I am being a bit harsh saying that because now you mention it I must admit that I too have come across some software that has got a crap GUI but is still a very good piece of software. For example Bulletproof FTP client.

I just think it's such a pitty when that happens. To make such good software but then not spend much time on the GUI. although I am not refering to deamon tools in any way because as you already know I think that the GUI for the new deamon tools pro is very good aprt from the few icons that I mentioned :) .

31.05.2005, 15:49
On screenshot: Vendor Identificatio: ... Need Identification :D