View Full Version : Unable to mount image. Unable to access image file

07.02.2003, 16:47

Every time, i try to mount a ".img" File from a DVDR i get this Error message... If i copy the .img File to Hard Disc, it work perfectly (Mount,...)

Is there a way to mount images from CD/DVD ? I know this sounds stupid, but it make sence if you got a DVD-R.... (and not enougth space on harddisc)

07.02.2003, 17:11
Oh, i forgot two things:
- i am using XP
- the DVD is in the UDF Format

08.02.2003, 14:01
What is this image from and what is its size? How have you made it? Normally you should mount CCD file and not img directly.

25.10.2009, 17:33
Tis might resurrect an old issue but i encountered this on my machine today.

i am using Daemon tools pro version 4.35.0306.0088
and is trying to mount a mdf file directly since i am missing the .mds file.

trying tips in another thread "Unable to mount image. File not accessible" did'nt work.

After some testing i came up with a solution by using the image editor and saving the image which generated a .mds file using that mounting the image worked just fine.