View Full Version : help! (missing names)

04.06.2005, 13:51
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home
Burning Software: Nero Ultra Edition
Anti-virus Software: Norton AntiVirus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hi guys! Great program! I have a problem though.. The names of all the folders, hard-drives, dvd/cdrw drives, bluetooth connection and everything else in "My Computer" are gone! If i open the "folders" tab to get the classical explorer look, I can see the names, but otherwise they're gone! I tried renaming one of my hard-drives, which worked by the way, but I still couldnt see the names.. This is what happened: I got a .bin file, opened it with DT and made a cd drive out of it.. Then I opened NERO, and copied the virtual CD.. When NERO finished, I guess it tried to eject the CD, as it did with the newly burned CD.. But then my PC kinda froze, and when it worked again, NEROcrashed and the names from My Computer were gone. Some help, on how to bring them back would be appreciated..! (btw I tried uninstalling D-tools without success)
Thx !


04.06.2005, 14:58
ok just a small update.. i reallised, that i see the names in all other folder views, just not the miniature-view.. maybe a registery problem..