View Full Version : Where's my drive?

05.06.2005, 23:06
Operating System: Windows OS
Burning Software: itunes
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 347

I can't burn any discs, and I think it's because when I installed daemon tools, it took my e: drive, but that was the drive my burner was on. Now, when I shut down daemon tools, I don't have an e: drive, and when its running, the e: drive is not for my burner.

How do I resolve this?

06.06.2005, 04:01
Operating System: x
Burning Software: x
Anti-virus Software: x
DAEMON Tools Version: x

Go to the Machine administrator, (i dont now the exactly name because i am spanish), then go to the Discs admnistrator, and you will see your cdrom and dvd devices.

Rigth click, click in the first option, and choose your letter.

06.06.2005, 12:26
I can't find it, only the CD/DVD rom