View Full Version : I cant see the virtual drive on "mi pc"

08.06.2005, 03:58
Well i was playing imperial glory, the machine reset... daemon tools crash and i cant did nothing to use it again, so i follow the faq "how to remove Daemon Tools drivers" because i cant reinstall de program...

When i finished to clean de registry,etc y reset the machine and i install the program, the i reset again, but i cant see the virtual drives even whit alchool...

I only see my dvd and cd rom.


08.06.2005, 08:54
Check thread about disappearing drives in common problems and solutions forum.
And please post in the correct forum. ;)

08.06.2005, 17:22
Check in device manager if any drivers are installed for the virtual devices. There should be cdrom.sys, storprop.dll and redbook.sys.
If no drivers are installed, click on install drivers and point to cdrom.inf supplied by OS (in hidden Windows\Inf folder).

I cant find in the device manager how to install the drivers.....
When daemon tools wass installing, windows say me that was an error and was posibilities to that not work.

09.06.2005, 18:00

14.06.2005, 18:49
Operating System: winXP 5.1 make 2600
Burning Software: nero6
Anti-virus Software: norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hey, I got the exact same problem as snake had. Both Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120% mount a virtual drive. DTools even lets me select an image-file. But the virtual drives donot show up anywhere, not in My Computer, not in Total Commander, not in Drive Management (left side screen). They do show up however in configuration > system > hardware management > advanced > dvd/cd-rom, but without drive letters.
Also, when viewing the properties of the virtual drives, they seem to work fine (e.g. drivers etc.).
Too bad Snake didnt post the solutiion to his problem.
Can anyone help me??


14.06.2005, 19:52
Which drivers are installed in device manager then?

14.06.2005, 23:01
The name of the driver for the virtual drives is PxHelp20.sys
my real dvd drive also use cdrom.sys and redbook.sys
my real cd drive uses al of the above and imapi.sys

PxHelp20.sys if distributed by Sonic Solutions, the other 3 by Microsoft.

my dvd drive is an IDE dvd-rom 16x.
my cd drive is a sony cd-rw crx1611.

15.06.2005, 08:50
You know the problem then. There must be cdrom.sys, storprop.dll and redbook.sys installed, none of the buggy filter drivers you mentioned.

16.06.2005, 18:14
Right, got it to work.
It seems I was missing the cdrom.INF file.
it was not provided by my OS.
Perhaps a next version of Daemon Tools could install the porper drivers too?

Thanks for the help.

16.06.2005, 18:55
D'oh - for sure cdrom.inf came with your OS! Some software you installed screwed up your system with the buggy filter drivers you mentioned.
On healthy systems the "proper" drivers are always installed correctly.