View Full Version : Installation on win 95

08.06.2005, 08:32
Operating System: win95 usb support, laptop compaq elite, 6GBHDD
Burning Software: Could install hp easy cretor or Nero 6
Anti-virus Software: AVG
DAEMON Tools Version: tried 33 up to the latest


I have 2 computers on desktop, uptodate with dvd burner and nero6, running under win98

and a old laptop, compaq elite 4/40c, 6gb hdd, windows95 with usb support
used in the car for GPS software.

on this machine I can connect an external hp CD, but that is bulky, fragile, and not very sensitive for use as navigation system

On the desktop Daemontool is installed and work at perfection
I made copies of the navigation system disk I own legally, installed them on virtual drives and the programs works.

but on the laptop I can't get Daemon tools installed
I tried v 3.3 until the latest

I got several error messages
25001 25032 (0x61c8), 0 (0x0)...

Installation progresses until the constituion of a device list by windows, and there somethings goes wrong.

I checked the devises at this time, the virtual cd pilot installed by deamon is mentionned as fully functional in the system control panel.

So I'm puzzelled, what's going wrong ?

By the way Virtual CD v3 works fine if installed, but this cannot cope with the cd images I have (MDF) as does Daemontools

Thanks for any clue