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08.02.2003, 09:30
When opening an image locally everything works fine :D but
when opening an image on a network drive i get a BSOD :x .

I am using DT 3.29 (tried others too);
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the images are all fine and work if i copy them locally...

Any ideas ?


08.02.2003, 10:16
Wait for other ideas, but if nothing works, you might want to try another NIC. Heard about some guys whose NIC drivers were screwed so they got BSODs when trying to load network images...


08.02.2003, 11:08
Please try to disable any antivirus software (ie, disable auto-protect feature). Also check windows updates etc... for latest patches.

08.02.2003, 17:56
Thanks for the info guys - I ended up removing NAV (Norton Anti Virus);
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then reinstalling my NIC drivers - No luck ~UNTIL~ the third time reloading the NIC drivers -


Works with NAV Autoprotect on too !!

How i love the great god Microsoft and their 'solid' operating systems !

This app is FANTASTIC !