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13.11.2002, 08:38
I just wanted to let you know that when running very high resolution (like 1600x1200) the table cells containing the forum name and description do not go all the way to the left side. I've included a screenshot here http://www.earthmagic.org/~lonewolf/daemonboard.jpg so you can see for yourself :)


13.11.2002, 15:50
I think that's an Opera related problem, I'm just browsing the forum in
1600x1200 screen resolution too (just for test purposes, it kinda sucks
with a 19'' monitor :roll:) and it looks just normal (well, a bit smaller but
that's about it :wink:)

Try Internet Explorer if you still got it installed...

HTH Sergei

16.11.2002, 13:24
I can confirm that - you need glasses on a 19" but everything else is OK.

20.11.2002, 08:47
I guess a magnifier/microscope would be more appropriate... :roll:

20.11.2002, 12:05
Yep :P - that's why I use 1152x768

29.11.2002, 14:56
Why phpBB ... while it is so slow ?

I ran it too, until I changed to xmb :)

about 5times faster.

Just suggestion.


29.11.2002, 18:50
i got 19inch flatscreen 1600 by 1200 is no problem here, althouhg i did put fonts on 'large' rather than normal, which slightly changed it. my monitor can go up to 1920 by 1440..... now THATS small on a 19inch :)

29.11.2002, 21:18
@melanki: Just because the support is perfect, the code is very good programmed, it's secure and the Administration is way better than other boards. believe me, I've tryed out a lot. Only vBB is better, feel free to spend me money and we can discuss about a change to vBB :)
and at least because it's running with Nuke/port

That's VERY good reasons why I decided to choose phpBB!

The board is amazingly fast btw. I can see no prob here.
I visited your Site, there are currently 10 members regged, and I assume you've should register on a date-site, right? Otherwise it's senseless.
Daemontools Board has 230 Registered Members @tm and is still growing, but more important is the fact we've high traffic due to visitors.
How much traffic consumes your Board? how many threads (processes) it handles?
BTW: It's not phpBB, it's phpBB2

And the real important point: it never disappointed us and we want it this way.

EDIT: I visited the XMB.Site, the Version 1.8 still contain some bugs, is beta and it's not really a OpenSource-Project.
Maybe it's the other way around: Maybe I can convince you to use phpBB2 instead of xmb?

But thank you for your suggestions, if you have GOOD arguments for xmb, feel free to contact me, just send me a PM please

02.12.2002, 01:12
to back locutus on his liking of phpbb2...

I prefer phpbb2 because it is the easiest and nicest board to mod/hack. If you notice, the d-tools support forum has many mods applied. Phpbb2 also has one of the largest mod databases i have ever seen too date...

@malenki: how is mod support for xmb? Do many [any] mods exist?

02.12.2002, 02:33
@Andareed: it's very annoying, but it seems, that malenki doesn't reply to our postings :lol:

I've checked the forum he mentioned - > 10 (in words: ten!) members and he recommend xmb, because it's faster.

I doesn't mean that small forums are in any case bad or something else, but I'm asking me all the time: are you SERIOUS??

White Dust
19.12.2002, 18:25
Hello, I'm the auther of the Darkness template.
Just installed Opera (v6.05);
INSERT INTO `portal_posts_text` VALUES
I shall see if I can correct the template, if so, I will upload the corrected template in mention it in the corresponding thread on the phpBB boards (and also here ;))
If there are any other problems with this phpBB template, I would like to know :)

21.12.2002, 05:59
First, many thx for this cool Template, as you can see, I like it a lot :lol:

I'll check the phpBB-Boards from time to time, but it would be nice, if you reply here :mrgreen:

again: good job!

White Dust
21.12.2002, 13:11
First, many thx for this cool Template, as you can see, I like it a lot :lol:

I'll check the phpBB-Boards from time to time, but it would be nice, if you reply here :mrgreen:

again: good job!

Well, I've solved some problems with Opera, it seems that opera can't understand the "nowrap" command... And there was a small problem with the quote function (example below) there whas a </blockquote> one to many in the bbcode.tpl ;);
INSERT INTO `portal_posts_text` VALUES
solved that also.

quoting a useran emty quote

thread on the phpBB boards (http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=369435#369435)