View Full Version : everquest 2

23.06.2005, 13:57
Operating System: enough for it to run
Burning Software: dont have one
Anti-virus Software: avast
DAEMON Tools Version: the newest

ok.. i just bought everquest 2 to find out you have to have a DVD-ROM drive to run it, and i only have one drive.. and its a CD. then a guy told me about this program(daemon tools ofcourse) and yes... i did get a vitual DVD drive.... but when i put in everquest 2... it doesnt auto run and i i click it it says insert a disc in drive F.

do you know what i can do against this? the guy i know told me something about loading an image or something?

23.06.2005, 15:23
is it better, if i ask how to make my virtual DVD drive, play games?