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24.06.2005, 22:35
Operating System: windows XP
Burning Software: alcohol
Anti-virus Software: norton antiv virus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hey guys, this is gonna sound like a strange problem, but my friend was recently trying to setup my computer so that it would be network friendly since before it wasn't, and he messed with something in the windows administrative tools and now whenever i load up daemon tools it won't let me mount anymore. It was working fine before, but now it loads into the system tray fine, and all options work except mount. When i click mount it opens the window to select the file to mount, then automatically shuts daemon tools off after like a second without even letting me select what file to mount. If anyone has any advice, i'd love to hear it! Thanks guys!! Also i don't know if this has anything to do with the same problem, but one other problem i noticd that occurs now is also an error occurs whenever i right click on one of my drives to see properties. It pops up like 2 or 3 windows errors and closes explorer. Thanks for any help guys!

28.06.2005, 21:22
Difficult to guess what your friend messed up in administrative tools. Better ask him what exactly he did - and get him to restore previous system status.

28.03.2006, 05:34
actually, i am having the exact same problem with daemon not letting me mount anything. i have no idea why this happened, but i uninstalled/reinstalled daemon at least 3 times. :confused:

28.03.2006, 07:46
geospark101, do you see any error messages from DAEMON Tools and are there any issues in the device manager?

28.03.2006, 20:01
try this mnmnmnmnm