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26.06.2005, 10:56
Operating System: Win XP
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: McAfee SecurityCenter
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hey all,

Now I read through the troubleshooting and I found that to do most of the work on DaemonTools you have to right click the System Tray Icon .. now my Daemon Tools is running .. but I do not see the tray icon .. and I cannot make it appear .. if I want to change imulation for example .. how can I do it without the tray icon ..

I can mount the images now using awxD tools (great addition by the way) ... but the main window is something that I miss!!!

can someone tell me how to regain the window .. I do not see it on startup and I do not see it when I run the D-tools program itself .. it seems to run Hidden!!!

Thanks in advance :)

26.06.2005, 17:36
Do you have the UPnP service running, by any chance?

Right-click on My Computer, click Computer Management (or probably Manage). Click Services and check in the list whether Universal Plug and Play Device Host (or something like that) is running.

If this is the case, it may be the cause of your problem. The UPnP service seems to break the system tray so some icons are not displayed anymore.

30.06.2005, 02:09
Oh .. yes .. it is on :S .. but I do need it .. I cannot switch it off!!

30.06.2005, 08:42
Try to exit Daemon Tools ia task manager and re-start via desktop icon. If it works, disable Daemon Tools autostart, and start manually.
If it fails install some addon like e.g. awxDTools or FastMount for e.g. right-click mounting via Explorer.

30.06.2005, 10:06
The UPnP-SysTray-Problem has been known to Microsoft for years but they refuse to solve it. Unfortunately we cannot do anything about this, you'll have to try to find a workaround (as Copytrooper suggested).

If you want this to work properly, contact Microsoft and let them know that you want them to fix this.

30.06.2005, 17:29
Yea .. as if MS will care about my opinion :( Thanks for the work around anyway :)