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29.06.2005, 15:48

This message is directed mainly to the administrators of the daemon web site.

If it's possible to know how is made the entered web. I know about phpbb forums, but it's the first time I see this structure. I'm going to create a new website (personal site) and after trying many CMS's , Boards and Blogs, I ddecided to do something like this web site. (The structure)

It's has a news system, forums ( xddd ), and download system. This 3 points are I'm looking for my site.

Plases, Can any administrator say me how is made?. Is a phpb forum with a especific hacks or mods?.

Thanks for all :D

Congratulations for the utility , it's cool ^o^

02.07.2005, 02:12
it's homemade, because we never found anything that fit our needs completely ;)