View Full Version : Win2kPro Hangs on Startup (Problem & Solution)

30.06.2005, 03:28
Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4
Burning Software: Nero 6 Bundled
Anti-virus Software: AVGFree 7
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Kids you may want to wait on that new 250GB Western Digital.

This is an interesting bug, but it's not D-Tools' fault. (I just have a whacked out configuration.)

My Box (Don't Laugh. I've finally pulled together the funds to buy a new one):

1Ghz Celeron Coppermine
Western Digital 40GB HD FAT32
Western Digital 250GB HD NTFS

My 250GB isn't supported by my bios. I had to use the WD support CD to load up special drivers so that Win2k would be able to handle it.

The problem comes when the CDFS.SYS driver hangs during bootup. This happens when I leave an image from my specially supported NTFS drive still loaded when I reboot.
Solution: Boot into Safe-Mode. Unmount. Reboot.
Next time, unmount before rebooting.

I much regret to say that I'd foolishly uninstalled Daemon-Tools, and that fixed my problem. I later installed another disc emulator and the same problem recurred . And then 2 and 2 came together.

Is there anyway to change the order the system loads the file system drivers?

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30.06.2005, 09:39
Do you have automount enabled? Try to disable it, so the images won't get re-mounted at boot.