View Full Version : Mounted Cd Lock's Up

04.07.2005, 14:52
Operating System: Windows XP Prof
Burning Software: Nero, ******** 5
Anti-virus Software: Nod32
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I need help, I got a new game and the game keeps locking up, i run the game with all options off and on, but nothing seems to work. What to do?

04.07.2005, 19:38
which game are you talking about? are you running it from images? if so, how did you create them? does it work with the original CDs? if not, it's a problem with your computer or the game (possible temperature problems in your computer), not something with Daemon Tools...

05.07.2005, 08:19
The game is Stormdogs. I've tried the origanal and the origanal works. I used ******** V5.0.3.3 For that purposes, i've even tried nero and alchol 120% as well. It still locks up. My PC isn't running warm, I've got 6 fans in Pentium 3.4GHz LGA775. And it's running at 45 Degrees Idle, and 65 degrees pushing it.