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04.07.2005, 15:11
Operating System: Windows XP Pro (Rus)
Burning Software: Daemon Tools 3.47, Game Jack 5, Alcohol 120%, Nero
Anti-virus Software: Kaspersky Antivirus Personal 5
DAEMON Tools Version: Daemon Tools 3.47

There is a problem with removal of your program and program Alcohol 120 and problems are identical. I delete as it is written in yours FAQ I press Remove. Likely the full green strip right at the end burns. BUT nothing occurs stay, and stay, does not vanish! Also does not delete. I can't use alt+ctrl+del it simply does not open.(when unninstall) And to clean this removal of your program it is possible only by press Reset! Simply I should remove all programs with virtual disks as game has a protection against such programs and it is not started =( And the same problem with Alcohol. I too ask about the problem Alcohol Team.

04.07.2005, 15:19
If un-installation via control panel -> software fails due to some problem on your system check thread about error 25002 to remove Daemon Tools manually. Reboot after the procedure.

Which game btw?

05.07.2005, 07:14
Game Sacred Underworld. I like RPG :)