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05.07.2005, 12:29
Operating System: Windows 64
Burning Software: WinISO
Anti-virus Software: NOD32
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

I just want to say I came here to find out about your Virtual CD and the new Windows 64 machine I have.

I have been a long time user of your Virtual CD product and look forward to the new version that will work with this Windows 64.

I will monitor this site for any news


05.07.2005, 15:36
We've been promised an update on the new x64 supporting version 'soon' by the DT staff. There isn't really any more info then that, apart from the stuff already on the front page.

05.07.2005, 20:01
Operating System: Windows XP x64/x86
Burning Software: None/Nero - Alcohol
Anti-virus Software: Secret
DAEMON Tools Version: None/3.47

I check back once every few weeks but no new info for ages. Kinda annoying not even having an update but sadly they will release it when they are good and ready. Its a pitty though as I can think of over 50 users that will use this for nothing other than a mounting tool (though personally I would like to see what new features are being added).

05.07.2005, 23:03
Operating System: XP 64bit / 32bit
Burning Software: Nero / Nero + Alcohol
Anti-virus Software: Avast / Bit Defender
DAEMON Tools Version: ?.?? / 3.47

Maybe the fact a new version of 'Alcohol' (sadly still no 64bit) has just been released may have something to do with the shortage of info (dev's work on both applications, don't they?)

06.07.2005, 19:27
I dont think so but then I could be wrong. If it is then that really blows. Anyway for all those people that are having problems with win x64 tehres a program called virtualISO that works well. They have a trial edition and I liked it a lot so I bought it.

09.07.2005, 06:33
Operating System:
Burning Software:
Anti-virus Software:
DAEMON Tools Version:

I would be happy if it WAS just a virtual drive and a windows context menu.