View Full Version : Games keeps crashing after installion

05.07.2005, 20:48
Operating System: Pentium III, windows XP
Burning Software: None
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus
DAEMON Tools Version: v3.47

I mounted and installed and ran Empire Earth 2. The game went smoothly for the first mission, but as soon as it got to the second one, I was given an access violation error during loading.

I've copied and pasted the error here:

0x005ee03d: offset 5ee03d from [(unknown)]
EAX: 00000090h ESI: 05524458h
EBX: 00000000h EDI: 070e3070h
ECX: 00000024h EBP: 05524458h
EDX: 070e3000h ESP: 0032f18ch
EIP: 005ee03dh
SS: 00000023h CS: 0000001bh
DS: 00000023h FS: 00000038h
ES: 00000023h GS: 00000000h
Flags: 00010206h CF: 0 PF:1 AF:0 ZF:0 SF:0 OF:0

I'll appreciate any help.

07.07.2005, 22:48
Does it run fine from original CDs?

A Pentium III-based system is awfully old for new games like EE2 and is likely to have problems due to ancient video cards/-drivers etc.

08.07.2005, 17:00
I agree with JariK-Tietomedia, you might never be able to run such a new game on that hardware.

But a few ideas for you: Check your DirectX version (latest is v9.0c released August 4th 2004), run the dxdiag tool, re-install direct X, check for and/or re-install your video card drivers, contact the Sierra / Vivendi Universal support people to ask how to enable software-only rendering mode if it is available, disable spyware or disable useless programs in the background, run msconfig tool, and do you have enough RAM or pagefile space, etc, etc.