View Full Version : Relationship between DT and Alcohol 120%

07.07.2005, 18:55
Pretty obviously DT and Alcohol 120% share (at least) portions of code in their virtual drive part.
I wonder, if anyone could enlighten me what the actual relationship between DT and the commercial Alcohol 120% software is...
Do these projects share developers among each other or is there some kind of agreement to mutually profit from the development progress?

09.07.2005, 02:50
we licensed our technology to them, it's that simple

12.07.2005, 23:48
Well I finally understand why Alcohol hasn't come out with a new version!! ;)

But seriously, does this mean that DT is going to remain freeware? or is it going commercial with DT Pro? :|

13.07.2005, 01:02
we provide V4 as freeware, DT Pro is commercial