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07.07.2005, 23:21
Operating System: XP
Burning Software: n/a
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I'm currently having a probem which seems similar to what other people have posted about, but yet I'm unable to find a solution to the problem.

What's happening is, I can't access my DVD drive, and my CD/R is simply gone. I can't even do a full restore because the only drive I can see won't auto play, and always tells me there is nothing loaded even when there is.

When I uninstall Dtools, the viewable DVD drive also dissapears. Can anyone help? If you need more information, please ask away, and I'll provide whatever information I can asap. Thanks in advance.

08.07.2005, 03:00
Well, no help yet. At the least, think someone could help me with figuring out how to reinstall windows on an alienware machine when I can't boot to my cdrom or dvd drive?

Someone here has to have a guess as to what's going on. The chances of both drives failing at the same time aren't very likely. It's gotta be something with the tools, but I have no real software savy, so I'm lost =/

08.07.2005, 16:35
You wait 3 hours and 39 minutes and then reply? In other phpBB's people can take a week to reply.

Anyway, check your BIOS settings to ensure your CD/DVD drives all boot BEFORE any removable disk/floppy disk/hard disk.

Also check your device manager. You could upload a screenshot with "DVD/CD-ROM drives," and the "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers," section expanded. Basically, are there any yellow exclamation marks or red X's in the device manager anywhere? Also tell us the full names of everything listed underneath those two sections (I have a feeling your real/not virtual cd or dvd drive won't even show up--which probably means hardware and not a software issue).

Are you using any IDE/EIDE/ATA/Serial ATA controller or RAID cards? Check that the power is on to the drives by hitting the eject button with the computer turned on. Also try different boot media that you've tested boot's directly from the CD on a different (and working) computer. And test that the jumpers are correct on the back of the 5.25" drives and the IDE cable is pushed in firmly and all the way, and that the power cords are pushed in all the way.

p.s. In your BIOS setup screen if you have Pheonix BIOS you can see the names of all of your connected cd or dvd drives from within the BIOS, even before windows loads. If you indicate the drive(s) are visible there, then windows should also be detecting the drive(s).

09.07.2005, 04:18
when this problem occured, immediately after installation of Daemon Tools?

13.07.2005, 15:24
Thanks for the input so far, but I have some new information which might be useful in diagnosing my problem. I have/had HL2 installed on my system. My old roommate is the Dtools savvy type, and he was using my computer for various projects. Anyway, after talking to him, he seems to think that the HL2 copy protection might have kicked in. Apparently there are various reports of valve copy protection doing this, but I know a couple of other people with dtools and HL2 installed, and nothing like this happened.

Anyway, I guess what I'm asking is, could this be the problem, and if so, how do I get my CD-RW and DVD drive back?

13.07.2005, 19:28
I hereby guarantee that Half-Life 2 did not cause this issue because it doesn't want you using DAEMON Tools. We have zero reports of anything like that happening.

Please try the suggestions I mentioned on July 8th. I asked if you could upload a screenshot, and I asked you to check your BIOS to see if your CD/DVD drive is being detected, etcetera. Not to be rude, but I thought I gave a list of very good ideas to try.

16.07.2005, 14:41
I have no idea how to upload ss's, but I don't have either of the drives in the device manager and the bios dosen't seem to be detecting them either. What's funny though, is before I uninstalled HL2, I could still play the game, even though I was showing no readable drives. Both drives have power, as they eject, spin up at boot etc. I would just do a format, but I'm not entirely sure what's going on, and I don't want to wipe my only access to the internet if it's not going to work. Maybe I'll do it anyway this weekend. This is getting annoying.

23.07.2005, 15:13
sorry i posted by accident, i already resolved my prob