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09.07.2005, 19:51
Operating System: XP sp2
Burning Software: Nero 6.3
Anti-virus Software: Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition 7.6
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I can't get Daemon Tools installed on two of my systems, but on two others it installed fine. go figure :-)

The install looks normal from the start. I accept all the defaults, and there are no conflicting driver names to worry about, so that's all good. But then, just before the progress indicator is complete, there's a pause of a few seconds and then the system just reboots as if I hit the hardware reset button.

It creates the folder under program files, and populates it with files, but no device drivers are created in the drivers folder and there are no SCSI devices in the device manager. no PNP Bios extension either.

The uninstaller doesn't work either. It says it's not installed. But if I try reinstalling it complains about drivers already existing or something like that, so I do a good ole System Restore and try again. Same thing, exactly. The install goes nearly to the end, does it's spontanious reboot thing, etc...

Any ideas on what's happening here? I'm emailing a minidump to support just in case you need to take a look at it.

Thanks for the help.

Shuttle Nforce2 mobo,
Athlon XP 2500+
ATI Radeon 9x00

10.07.2005, 10:22
You've well known problem with Starforce drivers, check thread about BSOD in SCSIPORT.SYS in common problems and solutions forum.
Regarding error 25002 and re-installation check related thread in the same forum.

11.07.2005, 04:05
Thanks Copytrooper, that did it. Damn, I forgot I had Toca2 installed.

keep up the good work.