View Full Version : SYNC field error message

11.02.2003, 14:05
Hi, am trying to burn an image to my hdd of a DVD-ROM multimedia lexicon I have bought, in order to eliminate endless spin-ups and waiting time.

However, using CloneCD, d-tools 3.29 and a Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616F player, and having tried out many different options, I always get the same error message once I try to mount the image: Unable to mount image. SYNC field not detected! Image may be corrupt.

Having made images and virtual drives previously without any problems, I wonder what is happening here, and if you maybe could help me out on this one.


11.02.2003, 17:53
DVD-ROM? CloneCD cannot make image of DVDROM - it works with 2352 files only, while all DVD images are 2048. Or you mean something else?

11.02.2003, 23:12
DVD-ROM's can't be copied using CloneCD, use Alcohol120% instead

13.02.2003, 00:17
Thanks a lot - we learn something everyday! :D