View Full Version : Help with DaemonTools

12.07.2005, 14:52
Operating System: XP
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Sygate/Antivir
DAEMON Tools Version: The newest

I have game image on my computer but when I open it (cue-file & bin-file) nothing happens. DaemonTools opens it but it doesn't start installing the game or even open anything. I've tried alot of files but it doesn't work! It used to work tho... Oh.. Help me please!

13.07.2005, 19:36
What program did you use to create the CD or DVD image? I would like to mention that the .bin/.cue format is old and can't handle newer copy protection. Try using Alcohol 120% and the .MDS format to create an image of your disc.

What is the name of the game you are trying to use? Why can't you run the game or the setup.exe file from the virtual CD? Forget waiting for AutoRun to automagically happen.

Did you download the image or did you make it yourself?