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14.07.2005, 18:15
Operating System: Win XP pro sp2
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: have none
DAEMON Tools Version: none atm (3.47)


the problem is like this, I had a problem with a copy protection,
and read about a way to bypass it, by uninstalling anything that has to do with Daemon tools and a120%
and then installing this new "******** 5"
and so I did, desperatly..
but the program was sh..! and all that happend when I tried to create a virtual drive was this installer appearing but it never finishes, it just dissapears, and then ******** 5 crashes.
so I open the install folder to locate the installer that appears,
and when I start that, the options avalible is "repair" or "uninstall".
so i choose repair, and then it doesnt work..
and then I choose uninstall, and then restart it and picks the "install", and then i get this error that i get when i try to reinstall Daemon tools

so obviously something went wrong when I uninstalled that "thing"..
the files name was "unidrv", and its an installer for "Universal SCSI Controller"

is there a way to reinstall this driver, since I strongly think that its because of this driver all emulation software errors..

15.07.2005, 16:41
Did you use Anti-blaxx? We don't recommend that program. You need to give yourself full permission and access to the registry, which the error message indicates is being denied due to ACL's.

16.07.2005, 14:46
Nope didnt know Anti-blaxx existed until now,

so what do i need to do?
do i need the scsi driver at all or is there something else that is the matter?
maybe the scsi driver is in daemontools install aswell, and thats why daemon tools wont install either.


16.07.2005, 15:52
after trying several methods, i now strongly think its all around the scsi part, it comes to the part where the installation checks the scsi, and then starts the scsi driver install and then crashes with 25001. 25009 error

i could not update or repair the driver, and after stupidly removing it for a reinstall i could not install it either, somethings blocking the scsi, but ive gone over those tutorials you have here in the forum like 10 times, and there are nothing at all that has to do with daemon tools.. its clean from dtools drivers and fragments whatever...
soon i will start bashing the computer, cause i cant find my winXP install disc either, so im "really" stuck >_<

18.07.2005, 03:24
Are you a full Administrator of your computer? You need to be more than a member or the Users or Power Users groups (XP Home doesn't have these groups but I see you're using XP Pro). Do you know how to apply registry security to a key and all child keys?

You can also use this intermediate/advanced tool to locate the location/cause of the access denied error messages:

Sysinternals freeware Regmon for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP (http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/Regmon.html)