View Full Version : Emulating VRAM?

15.07.2005, 09:30
is there anyway possible to emulate VRAM? Like say i have a 64MB graphic card and a game needs 128MB is there an emu or anything that can compensate with HD Space or something?

15.07.2005, 11:54
What game requires a 128MB GPU?? I don't recall a single one..

If using an AGP card, increase AGP GART size from BIOS, otherwise the only solution is to upgrade. X800 and 6800/7800 recommended for games, 6600 and X700 are only marginally faster than old 9800/5900 series.

15.07.2005, 19:57
i just want to know if its possible to do something like that

15.07.2005, 20:09
I'm afraid no, and it doesn't make any sense anyway, 'cause RAM on a VGA is very fast, some emulation on hdd would be very slow in comparison, so the result would be inacceptable anyway.

16.07.2005, 00:46
kk thanx for the answer