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11.02.2003, 23:31
PLZZ help me..

I get this error when mounting a cue. file:

unable to mount image. Cue sheet: Unable to open file in kernelmode.

PLz help
:cry: :cry:

12.02.2003, 00:13
This problem was reported:

Next time, if a similar problem is posted, please add your post to it (first search).

But anyhow, does this error with ALL cue files? Does this error with iso/ccd or other images? Finally, if it is only one cue file, please post the contents.

22.02.2003, 16:49
I got this problem a few mins ago. Then i realized that DC was running and someone was leeching my isos! after cancelling them it worked w/o a problem.

So as long as you are not sharing your isos (which of course is illegal) and no-one is dl:ing them, this error would never occur again.