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16.07.2005, 22:38
Operating System: Win xp pro
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Are .bin files going to have the sampe problems as .iso (which are obsolete I understand) as dicussed in other topics relatiing to playing a game from a mounted image? In other words, do completely new images need to be burned?

The game I am trying to play is Dawn of War. I have .bin files of the cd's. I can even install from them, but I cant autoplay the game.

Thanks, I hopoe I didn't duplicate a thread... all the posts I saw were in regard to .iso files.

17.07.2005, 17:00
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different copyproctections use different ways to store the information on a cd/dvd. if you want a perfect image, it has to contain all the needed data.

for example bin/cue with 2352 bytes/sector is able to handle safedisc 1 and safedisc 2, but NOT securom, as used in dawn of war.

recreate the images with alcohol using the securom 4.x new settings and the mds/mdf-format.

if the needed data is missing, even burning the image won't help.