View Full Version : what does "on the fly encryption/decryption mean for DT"

17.07.2005, 18:15
I know what on the fly encryption/decryption is. But, why would you want to encrypt and decrypt images?

17.07.2005, 18:17
To protect your data.

18.07.2005, 13:57
or, as a real good possibility, you can backup important data to your cd or dvd
and leave it encrypted on your hdd.
The whole idea is because many of our commercial customers (mainly
bigger companies) requested such a feauture, it could be usefull if you have
several hundred central stored images and don't want to build up several
permission areas for them, just leave the cd/dvd's open for all users and
encrypt that ones that should be accessable only by allowed people

18.07.2005, 17:37
awesome, you guys are the best, and I will be registering when I get my new credit card in the mail