View Full Version : Missing the View of a hard drive

17.07.2005, 20:09
Operating System: winxp
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: n/a
DAEMON Tools Version: 344 and 347

I had a older version of daemon tools I have used for a while.

I just tried to install it I ended up getting a conflict with my usb to ide drives.. I have tried changing drive letters have done manual removal of your program.. I can not get a drive list when I try to boot up not until I unplug that one drive.. when I get into windows I will reconnect the drive
and try to get to disk management and it is having a problem searching for that drive...

on finishing up of the installation program I noticed I had a new usb device box come up and I was like hhmm ok strange. it did show momentairly as a unknown device.

I then done my normal reboot after a install or removal process...
when I tried to boot up is when I did not get my drive list.

I have tried removing usb 2.0 drivers and reinstalling removing my usb-ide slim line drivers and I have not had anyluck on anything to work to get this drive to show back up... on boot up w/o it installed it still shows drive listed as a usb drive in device list bootup...

have anyideas on what to do.

18.07.2005, 02:47
What does "getting a conflict with my usb to ide drives" mean?

What does "I can not get a drive list" mean?

Do you mean My Computer does not show any hard disks or hard disk letters? What about using the File, Save As... command in notepad, do you see your hard disk partitions listed there?