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18.07.2005, 12:54
Just wondering something..

Could there be a chance sometime that maybe you would consider having a "Private Users" Registration as well as the commercial one??

I don't mean having a different price or anything, just maybe have an extra catogory for those private users who wish to support Daemon Tools and not get labeled as a commercial user :twisted: :twisted:

Best Regards - John (One who is ready to push the buy button as a private user)

18.07.2005, 13:53
of course, we have many private users. Just "press the button", the only
difference between commercial and public users is that commercial ones
MUST register it. YOU have the choice ;) but as registered one you will
later receive the DT Pro version for free

23.07.2005, 03:25
Hokay, I saved my money and did the deed today - I actually pressed the button... :lol: :lol:

So you should have another registered User now :D

05.08.2005, 07:55
Yep, Me too! now im t3h ub3r 1337 DT Coustomer! :lol: so now i receive the pro version also for free when its out?

05.08.2005, 07:57
As a paying customer you get DT v4.0 Pro for free and all versions after that.

05.08.2005, 07:58

09.08.2005, 01:27
<--- is confused :oops: is everyone a private user and will get DT4 Pro for free? I don't get it

09.08.2005, 02:07
Private Users who have paid for Daemon Tools will get the PRO version for free.. - If you don't pay for it and are a private user you still get a Normal Daemon tools for free (I don't know what the feature differences are tho)

Myself I paid for it because I want to show my support for Daemon Tools, BUT as mentioned above by the powers that be, Private users do NOT have to pay for Daemon Tools...

09.08.2005, 04:17
<--- is confused :oops: is everyone a private user and will get DT4 Pro for free? I don't get it
Daemon Tools v4 & Daemon Tools Pro are different products.
v4 is free for private use.
Pro is not free.

09.08.2005, 09:45
Thanks Kitna.NZ_Wanderer (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=26509)talked about "actually [pressing] the button" using SSL on secure.shareit.com to purchase DAEMON Tools. I thought it would be clear if I made a one sentence response...

I'd like to take this opportunity to again confuse and befuddle the off-topic forum readers. The naming convention has not been made clear. Will there ever be something like v4.1 if so 4.0 with a point zero after it seems to make more sense rather than just 4. And what will the second version of the Pro series be called? Will it be Pro v1.1? That would mean people would need a conversion chart to find out what the corresponding 4.xx series freeware version number would be. Or would you always add 3 onto the pro numbering such that Pro 1.6 would be the same as DAEMON Tools 4.6 freeware... :grin:

09.08.2005, 09:55
I imagine if they keep with tradition it will be something along the lines of v4.00
The screenshot of the Pro version here (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=5321) seems to show the version as just 1.0 so maybe they will adopt a different numbering system.

09.08.2005, 10:00
Heh, i was editing the Emoticon when you posted. Ok thanks for linking to that picture so I can add something else. :mrgreen::mrgreen: The image name is dt41.jpg but the screen says PRO 1.0. Maybe there's a conspiracy.

09.08.2005, 10:22
Maybe they just trying to confuse us all :lol: :mrgreen: