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13.02.2003, 14:05
Daemon Tools hangs when used as a normal user ( not a member of Administrators ) in w2k. For example, when I try to mount an image, it pops up a dialog "Please wait" and then it stays like that for many minutes. I can't even log out after that. I press log-out and nothing happens ( the screen gets gray, but if I click with the mouse it gets back to normal colors, except that if I try to run any program, it says "Cant start app, system is shutting down" ) Reboot also takes ages.

OS : Micro$oft Windows 2000 Professional SP3 DX8.1b all updates from WindowsUpdate, IE6.0SP1

Daemon Tools 3.29

No burning SW installedd. ( Nero was installed a whila ago )


14.02.2003, 10:10
Does it hang when you mount first image or remount already mounted image?
It may hang if you have some antivirus active when driver tries to open file, i.e. in fact it may be bug of antivirus.

14.02.2003, 10:53
It seems to hang only when the image is on the network ( SMB share ).

This is what I did :
- login as admin
- install DT 3.29
- log out
- log is as me
- mount an image ( *.CUE ) from local drive -> OK
- unmount the image
- try to mount a same format image from net ( \\somehost\some_share$\some\path\some.cue ) -> it hangs displaying a dialog : DAEMON Tools : Please wait ...

When I am logged in as admin, I can mount that network image without problems.
And I can read or copy the image as normal user, so it is not a permission problem. ( Although the properties dialog of the file suggest that I have no access at all to the file. Stange again ... )

14.02.2003, 11:04
Then it is for sure problem of antivirus or some firewall if you have one.

14.02.2003, 16:43
There is an old ms kb article that talked abuot this (can't remember url though). I would suggest disabling antivirus auto-protect feature if you have anti-virus soft installed.

18.02.2003, 14:37
It was the antivirus's fault.
It was somehow corrupted ( missing files ).
After I fixed it, DT works without problems.

See ya !