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13.02.2003, 20:46
Alright i bought this game C&C Generals thinking that i could copy it.. Using cdrwin version 3.9c didn't help.... i used error recovery- (ignore);
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witht the data speed 1x and the audio speed 1x... i hear there is a new safedisk 2 out for this game.?? I get this message saying (Error: UNable to read DATA sectors 6155 to 6155 on device 4:1:0 Unexpected ASPI error (04h 00h 00h) Im using a TDK 52x in a firewire case on windows xp..... I got it to work with the virtual drive emulator GAMEDRIVE.. it works fine.. but i want to be able to copy it... for other computers ...HINT HINT... anyways.. does anyone have any luck with BACKING up this game.. i should be able to do it... I need help...

13.02.2003, 22:52
but i want to be able to copy it... for other computers ...HINT HINT

So you want help carrying out illegal activites???

14.02.2003, 09:04
Of course not... Just in case one of my computers goes down for any reason at all.. i can be back up with a back-up computer just for game playing sake... And who said anything about carrying out illegal activites??? I mean i can only play with the one CD-Key that it came with,,,, therefor prohibiting me from the distribution of copies to friends.. unless of course i were to come by some extra cd-keys... but who said anything about that??... I sure didn't!!!!!!! :shock:

14.02.2003, 15:47
OK, sorry. We just have to be sometimes careful that we don't encourage warez, crackz, etc...

I don't know what C+C Gen is protected by. I am going to guess safedisc 2 though. Therefore, download alcohol 120%, or ********, or clonecd, and create an image of the game using the safedisc 2 profile. Test the image with daemon-tools. If it works, try burning it to cdrw just to test it out.

If you want to find out specific version, read this: http://web1.athen215.server4free.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=191

15.02.2003, 06:10
Uhhh... you're using CDRWin to backup copy protected games? ROFL... I can tell you're a n00b to copying. Most games are protected. Use either Alcohol 120% or CloneCD.

15.02.2003, 14:46
It's safedisc 2.80.010.

18.02.2003, 10:59
Well done Gentleman.. well done..
I sorta was lazy but came up with enough energy to test out my new laptop with this game.... well whata ya know... it works... i guess i shouldn't be soo surprised.. .... But!!!!!! to the person who categorized me as "a nOOb"... Thats right Chubby.. im talking to you... You see using CDRWin if you check your crystal ball... dates to back to C&C tiberian sun days... thats right SAFEDISC 1.... and pre pentium 2.... as for the lack of knowledge for up-to-date protection.. I can only blame the fact that i test games for 20 gaming companys across 15 platforms. And being given all the games for free does sorta make me lazy(no need to copy them);
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,, that and being the head network tech and systems engineer for a Home Automation company...All that and im only 190654 Hours old.....but nOOb as you so put it, I am NOT!!!!!.... but thanks for the insight... :lol:

18.02.2003, 14:29
Well, mrhavi, I also read this "noob" post, and I thought about commenting on it because it is not the way the members of this forum should talk with or about each other.

But then again... What is the point in telling them? They would not learn from that. They would probably stop doing it here, but they would certainly not think about how stupid it really is.

Reason will tell you that there are many more things you do not know than things you actually do know, so in most topics, you will always be what he called a "n00b". But apparently he did not think about it reasonably, and as long as he does not do it himself he will not understand why he has done wrong.

So I decided not to write anything about that but just ignore it; although I had already started writing, I discarded it again. I hope that eventually he will understand. Generally I think I will ignore posts of this kind as long as the offended does not complain.

By the way, I am glad to see you managed to copy C&C Generals; helping is what this forum is made for.


19.02.2003, 07:07
Mmmm...I keep seeing recommendations to read images with Alcohol or Blindwrite. CloneCD will also produce a working image. Emulation, in the image, of some weak sectors is the same for all of them. Blindwrite is excruciatingly slow and Alcohol is a shocker at Ring Protech and LaserLock.

24.02.2003, 06:25
i have successfully made an image of generals using cloneCD 4. however, with daemon tools 3.29, all my units exploded during gameplay. i can install without any problems with mounted image. anyone cna help? thx in advance.