View Full Version : Create back-up CD and insert a file...can this be done?

13.02.2003, 23:28
I am new to imaging, copying, burning, etc. I have read the rules, faq's and general categories. I have also read about creating a 1 to 1 copy.

Question: Can a "1 to 1 copy" be created to back-up a program and have a file inserted (i.e. readme.txt, keycode.txt.....). I guess this question probably sounds absurd considering what a 1 to 1 copy really is. However, I can see the benefit of adding the registration code to the back-up for convenience sake.

Thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. I just read a post about illegal copying, Warez, etc. My post concerns legally obtained programs. If an answer to this post would be unethical, then please do not reply.

14.02.2003, 00:09
Generally this is not possible. This is because once you add a file, the "1-1-ness" is lost. I would suggest writing the serial on the face of the cd.

14.02.2003, 02:58

21.07.2003, 21:56
Yes you can add a file or folders into an iso image. I use winiso for this. The main use I use it for is when I make copies of the latest sophos distribtuion cd I can add in the latest ide files then burn this iso to cd to distribute.



22.07.2003, 22:15
Backup image files (.cue, .bin or .mds or .cd) as you backup files with any sofware then you can add some extra files and, to play use DAEMON and mount the image .

Drawback : Space nneded could be too big .