View Full Version : Windows Mounting.

27.07.2005, 08:53
Operating System: xp pro
Burning Software: alchohol 120%
Anti-virus Software: AVG
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Not sure if this is normal but i have to mount my image twice. once in d-tools and then another in windows. its sort of a pain especially because i am wanting it to auto run after d-tools mounts it. how can i get around this or fix this problem? thanks in advance.

27.07.2005, 09:18
You need to enable auto insert notification (AIN), easiest way is to change related setting in CloneCD options.
Next Daemon Tools version will have AIN option included.

27.07.2005, 17:26
thanks for the reply. Can i do this in alchohol 120% as well?

27.07.2005, 18:24
No, that's not possible.

27.07.2005, 18:45
So this is just an option i enable when i create the disc image i presume? (im unfamiliar with CloneCD, i have never used it before).

27.07.2005, 18:52
No, AIN is an OS feature.
Open Tools menu in CloneCD -> Settings -> Auto Insert Notification
you also want AutoPlay, so check related settings, too.

27.07.2005, 19:00
Thanks for the help. Thread Closed. :D

27.07.2005, 23:53
Well i figured it out. alcohol 120% has its own virtual drive that was taking precedence over d-tools. i disabled alcohol 120%'s virtual drive and she loads like a charm.