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28.07.2005, 16:54
Operating System: WinXPProSP2
Burning Software: DiscJuggler
Anti-virus Software: Eset NOD32
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I purchased a DTools licence about 2 weeks ago, already got a confirmation email from shareit.com and DTools so the deal went fine. As my choosen nickname while registering DTools was already in use I choosed this one as I registered to the forum. I informed locutus via PM, email, support email and even copytrooper via PM granting me access to the customer forum without any reply or success yet... I have to say my first contact has been 2 weeks ago... Would be nice contacting me or reading my mails solving this 'problem' in the near future.

Thanks zion

edit: I choosed the support forum although it's not a technical thingy seems to be the best place.

28.07.2005, 18:10
Sorry for the delay, seems there was a problem with the ShareIt server ...
sorry for any inconvenience, we'll take care of it.

29.07.2005, 02:04
Thanks everything is fine now :)

01.08.2005, 11:45
Operating System: WinXP SP2
Burning Software: alcohol 120% 5.2.16
Anti-virus Software: avast 4.6
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I do think i've got the same problem...
except i've registered DT in June (don't remember exactly when, but i can find).

Maybe it's my fault too because i changed my forum email adress a few minutes after having donate (so it maches the one I gave to share-it)

Thanks in advance.


01.08.2005, 15:18
in JUNE??? Please contact me via pm, we should find out what's going on here

04.08.2005, 09:45
Ok Locutus, pm sent on the 2nd of August :p

I've checked, i made the donation on the 9th of June...
Maybe there's a DB problem or something like that... (or even communication pbs with share-it...)

Good luck to find what's happened guys ;)