View Full Version : error 25002, i have read the solution, but still

29.07.2005, 11:44
Operating System: Win XP
Burning Software: Nero 6.0
Anti-virus Software: Norton Internet security including norton antivirus, windows SP2 firewall.
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

OK, i have read the solution for error 25002, and i am performing it right now though im not sure about something:

1. Those drivers were created by deamon tools and are not related to the original system/windows?? so if they are gone, no harm will be done?

2. When I get to the REGEDIT and find the drivers of D-Tools, I see two folders:


Should I delete the whole folders or only some of the keys inside?
And if only some of the keys, which ones?


BTW, I can't restart the computer until I get the answer because that'll ruin all of it, so please reply as fast as you can.

29.07.2005, 12:07
Yes, delete it all. can't do any harm. dt347 stuff is all Daemon-related!

29.07.2005, 12:21
Thanks. All is working properly now. :D